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Why You Should Keep Your Expectations Realistic in Divorce

On behalf of Gregory W. Stevens, Attorney at Law posted in blog on Sunday, August 27, 2017.

One of the hardest decisions you may ever have to make in your life is divorcing your spouse. You may think that after you file, everything is going to progress smoothly. As comforting as that expectation is, you should not allow yourself to draw a false sense of security about your situation. Divorce is one event that can take you years to recover from because of its impact on every aspect of your life.

Having unrealistic expectations about your separation can cause you to overlook important matters that require your input. It can also cause you to make bad decisions. Take some time to learn the importance of keeping realistic expectations about your divorce situation.

Nothing About Divorce is Predictable

Many people in the Salt Lake City area assume that divorces are predictable. They may think that once the process starts, the only thing that is left to wait for is the judge to sign off on the decree and it is over. However, most divorce cases do not end that way. When two people marry each other, their households become one and they share assets. They may also have kids to think of too. These factors, amongst others, can lead to unexpected issues when it is time to identify marital assets and split them up. You need time to evaluate your current situation so you can make good decisions to improve your post-divorce lifestyle. You should plan your divorce in anticipation of every possible outcome.

Thinking the Judge is Going to be Sympathetic

Your spouse may not be very cooperative about the divorce, which may cause you not to take her or him seriously. You may even believe that the judge is going to punish your ex by increasing your share of marital assets and alimony or child support awards. However, most judges are not very sympathetic to separating couples. Even if you get a judge who is, he or she will base your divorce decree on what is fair and just with the law.

It is so easy to get so caught up unrealistic expectations that you can lose sight of the big picture in your divorce. Pay attention to everything that is going on. Think about how you want your divorce to go and plan it out to improve the outcome.