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What if My Ex is Harassing Me About My Child Support Spending?

On behalf of Gregory W. Stevens, Attorney at Law on Wednesday, November 14, 2018.

Like many single parents in Utah with primary custody, you may feel as if you would not be able to get by without child support. Your ex might also have strong feelings about the money he or she must give you for the well-being of your children. It can be worrying if your ex says you need to provide receipts for what you spend the money on, or that the court will monitor your child support spending.

You can breathe a sigh of relief with the knowledge that you do not have to provide receipts or tell your ex how you spend child support, or that neither your ex nor the courts can dictate your spending. As you know, the physical well-being of your children is a priority when it comes to spending this money. Therefore, you might choose to spend it on food, clothing, hygiene products, medicine, school supplies and other items that benefit your kids. You can also spend child support on household products, utilities, rent and expenses related to keeping you and your children safe and comfortable.

However, child support is not always solely for necessities. You can also spend it on things that contribute to your kids’ emotional well-being, happiness and future success, such as the following:

  • Birthday and holiday gifts
  • Movie tickets and restaurant meals
  • Hobbies, sports and extracurricular activities
  • Family trips
  • Auto insurance and registration for a vehicle your child drives
  • Savings funds for an emergency or college tuition

The courts should not be concerned about your child support spending when you ensure that your children are well cared for, both physically and emotionally. However, since the topic of child support can be complex and contentious, especially if your ex is making things difficult, you may wish to explore your legal options and rights if you have concerns.