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Things to Keep in Mind When Divorcing a Difficult Spouse

On behalf of Gregory W. Stevens, Attorney at Law posted in blog on Monday, December 18, 2017.

If you are getting ready to divorce a self-absorbed or narcissistic person in the Salt Lake City area, you may have your work cut out for you. You may be ready to leave your ex-spouse behind so you can move on, but there is a strong possibility that he or she may do everything possible to cause delays to keep you around.

You do not have to resort to playing these games in order to get what you want out of your divorce. Take some time to review the following types of games your ex-partner may play so you can take the right precautions to improve your divorce outcome.

Projecting Bad Habits Onto You

Your spouse may be in the habit of passing his or her faults and negative personality aspects onto you to make you look bad. By doing so, your former partner may anger you and get you to act in ways that are unbecoming of your character. Resist the temptation at all costs.

Creating Drama at Every Turn

Your ex-partner may enjoy saying and doing negative things to make your divorce harder than necessary. He or she may also feel a sense excitement at making you upset. No matter what kind of drama is thrown your way, you should remain respectful and take the high road.

Acting as if the Rules do not Apply

Divorce is normally a very structured process. However, not all people follow the rules. Your spouse may feel that the rules may not apply to him or her and go against them every chance he or she gets. This can cause you to become frustrated and stressed.

Divorce is never easy when you have a difficult spouse. You may feel inclined to use some of his or her tactics in retaliation, but you should avoid doing anything that could hurt your divorce outcome. If you are experiencing great difficulty in getting your soon-to-be ex-spouse to cooperate during the divorce process, you might benefit from talking to an attorney for options.