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Sex Crimes

Salt Lake City Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

Prosecutors in Utah aggressively go after defendants charged with a sex crime. If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for the best possible result on your behalf.

Attorney Gregory W. Stevens has more than 28 years of criminal law experience. At his law office in Salt Lake City, sex crime defense attorney Mr. Stevens provides experienced and aggressive representation for clients charged with a sex crime. He handles a full range of these cases, including:

  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Child pornography
  • Unlawful sexual activity with a minor
  • Molestation
  • Sexual assault
  • Enticement of a minor
  • Soliciting a minor over the Internet
  • Other sex crimes (state and federal)

If you are charged with a sex crime and need to speak with an attorney, call (801) 990-3388 to schedule a free consultation with attorney Gregory W. Stevens.

No Sexual Assault Charge in Utah and Davis County is too Complex for Our Attorney

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer with more than 28 years of criminal law experience, no case is too complex for Gregory W. Stevens. He is an experienced and respected trial lawyer with a proven history of results.

Get Help -- Not Another Person Sitting in Judgment of You

Even though you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, just being accused of a sex crime can be extremely stigmatizing. If you have been arrested for a sex crime, the last thing that you need from your attorney is his or her sitting in judgment of you. At the law office of Gregory W. Stevens, you will not find another person judging you -- you will only find help.

Contact Provo and Ogden, Utah, Child Pornography Charge Lawyer Gregory W. Stevens

If you have been charged with sexual assault charges such as rape, statutory rape or child pornography in Utah and Davis County, contact Gregory W. Stevens. To schedule a free consultation, call (801) 990-3388, or contact Mr. Stevens by e-mail.