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Domestic Violence

Salt Lake City Domestic Violence Lawyer

Over the past decade, Utah legislators and local police agencies have placed an increased emphasis on the prevention and prosecution of domestic violence. The criminal penalties for domestic assault include jail, probation, court-ordered anger management counseling, probation and monetary fines.

If you have been charged with domestic violence in Utah, protect your rights by retaining a Salt Lake City domestic violence attorney. Call (801) 990-3388 to contact attorney Gregory W. Stevens.

Mr. Stevens handles all domestic violence charges, including:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Violating a protective order
  • Violating a stalking injunction
  • Sexual abuse of a minor
  • Spousal abuse
Utah and Davis County Restraining Order Defense From a Local Attorney Wwith Experience

If you are charged with a crime, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with local courts and procedures. Attorney Gregory W. Stevens has more than 28 years of legal experience. He has been handling cases in Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas since 1995.

Mr. Stevens has helped many clients facing difficult legal challenges. He has extensive experience in domestic violence cases.

What Makes Domestic Violence Charges Different?

What makes domestic violence cases unique is the fact that the defendant and the alleged victim have a close relationship and often wish to continue their relationship. Defendants often mistakenly assume that their charges will be dismissed because the alleged victim does not want to testify or give evidence against the defendant.

The prosecution has the right to subpoena the alleged victim to testify at trial. Therefore, the prosecution is not required to drop the charges simply because the alleged victim wants the case to go away. Many domestic violence cases are resolved by way of a voluntary plea agreement but it is always your choice, as Mr. Stevens' client, whether to accept a plea offer. If you wish to assert your innocence at trial, Mr. Stevens has the trial experience necessary to protect your rights aggressively.

For a Domestic Abuse Charge Defense, Contact Gregory W. Stevens

If you have been charged with battery, harassment, child neglect, assault or another criminal charge in Utah and Davis County, contact restraining order defense lawyer Gregory W. Stevens. To schedule a free consultation, call (801) 990-3388, or contact him by e-mail.