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Criminal Appeals

Salt Lake City Appeals Attorney

For more than 28 years, attorney Gregory W. Stevens has offered comprehensive criminal defense representation to clients throughout Salt Lake County and the surrounding areas. In addition to protecting the interests and rights of clients in trial court, he also assists clients in appealing criminal convictions in both state and federal courts.

To speak with an experienced Salt Lake City appeals attorney, call (801) 990-3388 to schedule a free consultation with attorney Gregory W. Stevens.

Utah Court of Appeals

The consequences of being convicted of a crime are often severe, including jail or prison time, full restitution to the victim, heavy fines, loss of professional license, community service and years of probation. You must also endure the fall-out of a criminal record that could prevent you from gaining employment or housing in the future.

An appeal of a trial verdict is usually based on a mistake made by the judge, jury or attorneys in the lower court and is sometimes at least partially based on public policy concerns —. Ffor example, if the judge should have suppressed illegally obtained evidence used to convict, or if the prosecuting attorney fails to disclose relevant information to the defense attorney.

Salt Lake City appeals attorney Gregory W. Stevens is an experienced attorney with the necessary writing and oral advocacy skills to provide comprehensive representation in the appeal of criminal convictions to the Utah District Court, Utah Supreme Court or Utah Court of Appeals.

Contact a Utah Appellate Law Attorney

If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, contact Utah attorney Gregory W. Stevens to discuss overturning your conviction at the Utah state and federal Court of Appeals. For assistance, call (801) 990-3388, or contact Mr. Stevens by e-mail.