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Preparing for your divorce proceedings

Separating two parties that have been operating as one is not an easy process. However, that is what happens during a divorce.

If you are currently dissolving your marriage or considering it for the near future, it may be beneficial to begin preparing for it. There are a few key aspects you must consider.

Choosing proper representation

Who you select to represent you during your divorce is critical. There are several characteristics you should look for in your attorney, including the following:

  • Experience
  • Knowledgeable
  • Trustworthy
  • Committed

Since you will be sharing your sensitive information and a major experience in your life with this professional, you should ultimately feel comfortable with the attorney of your choice.

Gathering documentation

One of the key elements of the divorce process is the distribution of assets. To expedite this process, it can be helpful to gather all documents to show your finances and assets, both personal and marital. Also, if you have some type of documented evidence to support any claims you plan to make, it would be good to provide that information your attorney up front.

Keeping an open mind

Whenever possible for you and your ex-spouse to work together, try to make it work. You may be able to seek mediation rather than a regular court process, which can save time, money and effort. It can also help to keep things private and allow both of you to maintain more control over the process. If there are children involved, mediation can also help to foster a means for you and your ex-spouse to work together. This can prove to be beneficial for the child moving forward, especially in handling any modifications to the agreement that may be needed down the line.

Though the divorce process can be challenging, implementing these aspects can aid in moving the process along.

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