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How to cope emotionally during a divorce

No couple wants their marriage to end in divorce. Fortunately, the rate of divorce has declined in both Utah and the United States as a whole in recent years. While the rate has stabilized, divorce is still common when two partners can't make a marriage work.

There are many things to review during divorce proceedings, and through discussing the child custody agreement and determining who will get what, it is easy to neglect your emotional health. Here are some ways to heal as you go through this challenging time: 

Acknowledge your feelings

Even if the marriage was not healthy, it is normal to feel disheartened at it ending. You need to realize it is normal to feel sad, angry and frustrated during this trying time. You should also not feel bad about yourself if you have moments of joy. Everyone processes divorce differently, so allow yourself to experience a wide range of emotions, even if they confuse you at times. 

Talk about your feelings

In addition to acknowledging your feelings, you also want to say them out loud. You need to develop a support network during a divorce filled with family members and friends, meeting with your loved ones in-person every so often. You should also consider hiring a therapist. It is an excellent way to speak to an objective third party who will help you work through your emotions. There are also online forums where you can talk to other divorcees. 

Take a break once in a while

There is a lot you need to do during a divorce. You should feel free to cut loose now and then to re-energize yourself. You should continue doing your favorite hobbies and activities you enjoy. This is also a great time to pick up new hobbies so that you have more time to take your mind off the divorce. You still need to go to work and be there for your kids, but it is healthy to set aside some "me time." 

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