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Stop social media from hurting your divorce case

Social media can bring many positives into people's lives. However, the ability to instantly share everything with a wide range of people can have its downsides during a divorce.

As far back as 2010, divorce lawyers have been mining the opposition's social media for damaging evidence. Read on to learn about the most common ways to protect yourself from your ex's attempts to use social media against you.

Venting privately

Many people use social media to vent their frustrations. However, when it comes to your divorce, resist the temptation to air dirty laundry. An attorney could use rants about your ex to paint you as vindictive and unbalanced; this can especially harm you when child custody is at issue. Relating details about your divorce can also give your ex's attorney an idea of what to expect and enable him or her to prepare better.

Evaluating possible context problems

Many types of posts can be taken out of context. For example, you post a picture of yourself out with some friends, a drink in your hand. Next thing you know, your ex's lawyer is brandishing a printout in front of the judge and claiming you are an alcoholic and a partier who cannot be trusted with children. Unlike your friends and family, the judge does not know you. You will have to defend yourself for something that should not have been an issue in the first place.

Keeping an eye out for contradictions

Lawyers may also pounce on posts that appear to contradict statements you have made in court. For example, when a person claiming to have no money to spare posts about an expensive purchase or vacation, he or she may have some explaining to do. To complicate matters, what people post on social media does not necessarily reflect reality. Many exaggerate their lifestyle to impress others. This can make untangling the truth difficult.

Using privacy settings

Locking down your profile by maximizing privacy settings and blocking your ex, along with his or her friends and relations, can help. Avoid posting anything while the divorce is ongoing. Do speak with your lawyer before taking action such as deleting or posting anything.

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