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How to tell your kids about divorce

One of the most painful things parents in the Salt Lake City area who are separating have to do is tell their children about their divorce. If you wait too long, you risk your relationship with them and their emotional well-being. So, it is generally better for you to tell them sooner than later if you are sure that reconciliation is not possible.

You might feel uncomfortable talking to your kids about divorce and confused about how you should bring the topic up. You might also have concerns about what you should say. To make it easier for you to explain the changes that coming for your family, consider the following pointers. 

Keep it simple 

Arrange a time where you and their other parent have time to talk to them together about the divorce. There is no need for you to sugarcoat what you say. Children are resilient and very intuitive. If things have been bad between you and your partner for a while, there is a good chance they have already picked up on the discord in your relationship. Explain to your kids that you and their other parent no longer want to be married to each other. Make sure you stress the fact that the decision has no effect on your relationship with them and it is not their fault. 

Show your love 

Children do not always understand the concept of divorce. They may see it as their parents no longer want to be around or love them. Tell your children often that you love them. Show them by spending more time with them and doing things they want to do. 

Inform them of changes that affect them 

Make sure your children know that you and their other parent will be living in two separate homes. Let them know they will have rooms in both residences. If you and your partner are going to have a parenting schedule or share custody, explain it to your kids. The goal is for you to help them to become comfortable with the situation. 

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