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Paternal rights in a Utah divorce

The divorce process can be difficult for families. However, when both parents work to remain in the child's life, it can be beneficial for the child's well-being.

Unfortunately, in regards to the father's parental rights, undergoing a divorce can have negative effects if the father does not take proper action. To that point, there are a few things to know about a father's paternal rights. 

When is divorce mediation not the right approach?

As you consider your options for divorce, you have probably thought about pursuing mediation, and for good reason. Mediation comes with multiple benefits, such as a lower cost, faster proceedings, more cooperation between you and your ex and less of an impact on your children.

While this approach is always easier the less complex and hostile the situation, mediation is not just for simple, amicable cases. It can work for high-asset couples, those with minor children and even people who do not get along if they are willing to try. In fact, it is mandatory in Utah to at least go to one mediation session if you have any dispute in your divorce. However, there are some instances in which mediation may not be the appropriate final choice.

Preparing for your divorce proceedings

Separating two parties that have been operating as one is not an easy process. However, that is what happens during a divorce.

If you are currently dissolving your marriage or considering it for the near future, it may be beneficial to begin preparing for it. There are a few key aspects you must consider.

How alimony works in Utah

Divorce brings many concerns, especially financial ones. How much will the divorce cost? How will you pay for it? Will you be able to support yourself on one income? A primary source of help or obligation may be alimony, or spousal support.

While the judge will order child support if children are involved, alimony is not a guarantee for every couple. Here is what you need to know about how Utah courts determine and manage alimony.

How children can benefit from joint custody arrangements

As someone who has grown accustomed to having your son or daughter sleep in your home every night, it makes sense that you may find it difficult to adjust to a new shared custody arrangement. It may help make the transition easier, however, if you recognize and acknowledge that your joint custody arrangement can actually offer a number of benefits for your child.

According to Time, children whose parents are divorced tend to fare better in numerous areas when they split their time between the homes of both parents, as opposed to residing with one parent or the other, exclusively. Researchers reviewed the situations of about 150,000 children between the ages of 12 and 15 to get their findings, studying their emotional well-being, living arrangements and more.

Major advantages of divorce mediation

Divorce is rarely an easy process. However, there are certain tools, such as divorce mediation, that can help to alleviate some of the stress of a divorce.

Though mediation is not the best solution for everyone, it is often beneficial to couples. There are a few key advantages of divorce mediation.

What is the sequence of events in a Utah divorce?

Let us say you have recently become a Utah resident and your spouse has just served you with a petition for divorce. Whether you anticipated this, or it came from out of the blue, you likely want to know what is going to happen as you go through a divorce in our state.

Starting off

Could a legal separation be a better option than divorce?

Ending a marriage is not easy, and although it is much like a divorce, a legal separation might be preferable for several reasons.

In the state of Utah, legal separation is more properly called an action for “separate maintenance” and begins with the filing of a petition in the local court.

Do you know how to prepare for divorce mediation?

If you were going to have a traditional divorce in court, you would have to come prepared. It is no different with mediation.

However, preparing for mediation should be less stressful since a judge will not be involved in the negotiations between you and your spouse. Here are five tips to help you get organized.

Important elements of a divorce mediation

In many cases, mediation can be very beneficial in lessening the stress of divorce. When choosing if mediation is the right option for your divorce, it is important to understand the process fully so that you can make an educated decision.

There are a few important elements that you should consider for successful divorce mediation.

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