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3 Reasons You Should Consider Child Custody Mediation

On behalf of Gregory W. Stevens, Attorney at Law posted in blog on Saturday, November 18, 2017.

Child custody disputes may seem impossible to resolve, but it can be done. If you have concerns about the process becoming adversarial, then you may consider solving your child custody problems via mediation.

Mediating your child custody can give you the chance to work together with the other parent to create a parenting plan that is great for both of you and, most importantly, your children. Consider the following advantages of entering child custody mediation.

  1. It is easier for your kids

    A divorce wrought with arguments can have a negative impact on your kids. With constant conflict, your children are sure to feel caught in the middle. With mediation, you can focus on what is best for your kids. According to Psychology Today, child custody mediation puts the needs of your children before your own. The mediation process is intended to help you separate your own desires from theirs.

  2. It helps you develop a co-parenting relationship

    If you want to end up with joint custody or frequent visitation, mediation is a great way to learn how to work well with the other parent. Even though you are probably feeling bitter and angry about the divorce, you need to learn how to be respectful of your ex. You both will learn how to communicate and compromise with each other in a way that's healthy, which sets you up for successful co-parenting in the future.

  3. It is often faster and less expensive

    Mediation tends to cost less than the adversarial court process. Embattled child custody litigation often invokes unhelpful arguments and draws out the process. During mediation, your goal is to figure out a mutually-agreeable resolution as quickly as possible. This ends up saving you precious time and money so you can move on with your life.

    You can come together with your former spouse for the sake of your kids through mediation. Facing problems head-first through this process is better than being reactive and only uniting when something goes wrong.