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2 Major Benefits of Divorce Mediation

On behalf of Gregory W. Stevens, Attorney at Law on Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Divorce is generally difficult enough without factoring in the financial side of things, given the substantial number of transitions the process usually involves. Moving homes, changing jobs and assuming new responsibilities are just a few of the ways your life may change following your divorce, but you may find that the entire process can go smoother if you are willing to consider divorce mediation.

While not appropriate for all divorcing couples (and probably not appropriate for couples who have a lot of bad blood between them), divorce mediation offers several major benefits. The process, which involves foregoing hiring individual lawyers in favor of working with a single, impartial mediator, is growing increasingly common among married couples who wish to part ways with minimal hardship, and for two key reasons. More specifically, divorce mediation brings with it the following major advantages:

It Costs Substantially Less

Think about it – if you and your former partner are fighting each other in a long, drawn-out court battle, those attorney fees are going to rise quickly. In addition to each of you having to pay for your own representation, which can drain money you might otherwise use for, say, college tuition, you must also consider court costs and the wages you may lose missing work to attend court. In comparison to a traditional, courtroom divorce, mediated divorces are generally between 40 and 60 percent less expensive.

It is Easier on Children

Opting for mediation as opposed to a litigated divorce can also benefit your shared children in numerous ways. For example, giving your kids a chance to see that you and your former partner can still work together on their behalf can work wonders when it comes to making the transition into separate families more manageable. It also demonstrates a continued united front between the two of you, which can reduce the chances of your child acting out or rebelling in your divorce’s aftermath.

In general, the divorce mediation process is considerably less emotionally and financially draining than a traditional divorce. Thus, if you have hope that you and your partner may be able to work together in this manner, know that doing so may benefit you and your whole family considerably down the line.