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How can I prepare financially for divorce?

When it comes to divorce, not many people in Utah think about their financial situations before filing. Many of them go through the divorce process with unrealistic expectations about the outcome. Some people make false and contentious claims because they think their judges will believe them and base their divorce settlements on sympathy. Little do they realize that real life divorce situations rarely play out that way. 

To avoid suffering a major financial setback after finalizing everything, you should consider the following suggestions to help you prepare financially for your divorce. 

What you need to know about property division in Utah

As part of the Utah divorce process, the spouses must make a financial division. Some may be able to work out an agreement on their own, but most resolve this issue in the course of mandatory divorce mediation or subsequent court proceedings.

Understanding the basic principles of how Utah law treats property division can help you get a better idea of what to expect. Sometimes, complex issues arise during the division process that require an experienced attorney who can handle them effectively.

What you should know about parenting plans in Utah

Parents beginning the divorce process with minor children have additional issues to address. In many areas, courts prioritize the interests of children above the preferences of the divorcing couple.

In Utah, the law requires parents to submit a parenting plan. The only exception is when only one parent will fully receive both legal and physical custody and thus the other parent will be completely out of the picture. Otherwise, no matter how minimal one parent's anticipated contact with the children, you will need a parenting plan.

The lasting effects divorce may have on your health

Divorce can be exhausting mentally, physically, emotionally and even spiritually. Your entire family may feel as if they have been put through the wringer after a divorce, and minimizing the negative effects on you and your children are your top priority. You cannot counteract the negative without being aware of it, and many facing divorce are unaware of how to care for their health as they deal with the emotional upheaval that often accompanies the end of a marriage.

Tips to help you successfully co-parent with your ex

Divorcing your spouse does not mean you do not have to ever deal with him or her again. If you have children together, you have to learn new skills to successfully co-parent with the person you feel you cannot stay married to. Co-parenting is quite beneficial to kids because it creates stability and lets them have a close relationship with both of their parents. It may not be easy to co-parent, but you can be the bigger person and do what is best for the children. Here are eight tips to help you get started:

Mediation can reduce your child's divorce stress

Divorce takes a heavy toll on every member of the family being dissolved. The adults are probably both dealing with pain, anger, and even feelings of betrayal and failure. The children of the marriage are probably quite scared about the future as well. Divorce can be particularly difficult for children to process, as they may think they are to blame or worry about picking sides.

One of the best ways to help protect your children from the emotional fallout of a messy divorce is to commit to mediation with your former spouse. Mediation, aided by personal divorce attorneys, can be easier than going to court.

Divorce mediation can help settle delicate divorces

Marriages of all kinds can come to an end, no matter where the couple may be from or what community they may be a part of. When a marriage comes to an end for a couple that is involved in a church community or has a family that devoutly practices their faith, the expectations and desires of the others surrounding the couple can make it difficult to think clearly. Even for couples who are attempting to dissolve their marriages amicably, these external pressures can be difficult to navigate.

Divorce mediation can be useful for just about anyone going through a divorce, and it can be particularly helpful in allowing a couple to keep a clear perspective through this difficult process.

5 critical ways a child's needs have to be considered in custody cases

Nothing is more important during a child custody case than the child's own needs. They have to come ahead of either parent's desires. If not addressed properly, divorce can have a huge impact on a child's future and his or her emotional well-being. If you're going through a custody case, there are five critical things you must remember.

How to navigate the Utah child support system

Having to demand child support from a former partner is a stressful situation. Although people often expect that the parent of their child will take one's obligations seriously, there are many times that a child support order is necessary.

In Utah, child support matters are handled by the Office of Recovery Services (ORS), an agency that is part of the Utah Department of Human Services. ORS provides services to approximately 130,000 children and handles between 70,000 and 80,000 individual child support cases.

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